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Albert teaching
Albert teaching natural philosophy in the streets of Paris
Oil painting of Ernest Board (1877-1934)

If while searching the corpus you stumble upon errors in the electronic texts or encounter any kind of bug, please notify me, Bruno Tremblay, so I may remedy the problem.

With the March 2018 update to the e-corpus, all of Albert's extant works are now electronically searchable for someone using together the Alberti Magni e-corpus and the Aschendorff Verlag corpus. For that reason, I do not plan to work on any more update in the foreseeable future. If, however, you have and would like to send me an accurate, machine-readable textfile of a work in the Borgnet edition that is absent from the Alberti Magni e-corpus (e.g. Physica), please get in touch with me.


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