How to help

Albert teaching
Albert teaching natural philosophy in the streets of Paris
Oil painting of Ernest Board (1877-1934)

The realization of this project is done with very limited financial means. Any help that would make possible the addition of new texts to the list of those that can be electronically searched would be most welcome. Turning an 800-page .pdf (the usual size of one volume in the Borgnet edition) into a revised, readable text is a difficult and challenging task that requires hundreds of hours of work. Anyone who would like to take on the transformation into a readable text of one of Albert’s works in .pdf format is urged to contact Bruno Tremblay.

It is also very easy to make a financial donations to the project by contacting the development office of St.Jerome’s University. The university will issue official tax receipts and ensure that the donation is used exclusively for the Alberti Magni e-corpus.

If while searching the corpus you stumble upon errors in the electronic texts or encounter any kind of bug, please notify Bruno Tremblay so he may remedy the problem.


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