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Albertus-da Modena
Albert the Great
in a 1352 fresco of Tommaso da Modena (1326-1379)

April 2021: A few additional corrections were made to the text of the Latin corpus, some coming from the digitization process and others from the printed texts. Links to the free digital versions of the critical editions of Super Porphyrium De V universalibus (2004), De praedicamentis (2013) and De nutrimento et nutrito. De sensu et sensato cuius secundus liber est De memoria et reminiscentia (2017) have been added in the Downloading section.

March 2018: De caelo et mundo (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De natura loci (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De causis proprietatum elementorum (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De anima (ed. Borgnet,1890), De natura et origine animae (ed. Borgnet, 1890), Metaphysica (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De unitate intellectus (ed. Borgnet, 1980), Super Iob (ed. Weiß,1904), De muliere forti (ed. Borgnet, 1893), Super Danielem (ed. Borgnet, 1893), Super prophetas minores (ed. Borgnet, 1892), Super Lucam (ed. Borgnet, 1894-1895), Super Dionysii Mysticam theologiam (ed. Borgnet, 1892), Determinatio Magistri Alberti de novo spiritu (ed. de Guibert, 1931), Sermones parisienses (ed. Geyer, 1966), Sermo de sancto Martino (ed. Hoßfeld-Nellessen, 1980), Sermones de sancto Augustino (Augsburg) (ed. Schneyer, 1969), Sermones (Leipzig, UB 683) (ed. Schinagl, 2001), Epistula de ungelt (ed. Rieder, 1901), and Testamentum Domini Alberti (ed. Anzulewicz, 2008) are now part of the searchable corpus, which thus includes more than 8.6 million words. Image files (.pdf format) of Determinatio magistri Alberti de novo spiritu, Epistula de ungelt, and Testamentum Domini Alberti can be downloaded. Finally, the search engine now allows for searches done with flexible spelling.

February 2013: All works already present in the searchable corpus have been revised one more time. As a result several hundreds of mistakes introduced by digitization have been eliminated and hundreds of new corrections have been made to the texts of the printed editions. Bugs which long affected the searchability of some works, in particular De animalibus, have, in principle, been taken care of as the search engine program and mark-up of the data have been revised and updated. De generatione et corruptione (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De principiis motus processivi (ed. Stadler, 1909), De XV problematibus (ed. Mandonnet, 1908), De fato (ed. Mandonnet, 1927), De causis et processu universitatis a prima causa (ed. Borgnet, 1891), Super Ieremiam (frag.) (ed. Meersseman, 1932), Super Ezechielem (frag.) (ed. Heusgen-Ostlender, 1933), Super Threnos (ed. Borgnet, 1893), Super Baruch (ed. Borgnet, 1893), Super Marcum (ed. Borgnet, 1894), Super Iohannem (ed. Borgnet, 1899), Quaestio de quiditate et esse (ed. Grabmann, 1942), De IV coaequaevis (ed. Borgnet, 1895), Summa theologiae (ed. Borgnet, 1894-1895), De mysterio missae (ed. Borgnet, 1899), and De corpore domini (ed. Borgnet, 1899) have been added to the searchable corpus, whose size now grows from 4.1 to 6.3 million words. The website itself was simplified and redesigned. Image files (.pdf format) of older editions of De principiis motus processivi, De fato, Quaestio de quiditate et esse, Super Iob, Super Ieremiam (frag.), and Super Ezechielem (frag.) can now be downloaded.

August 2011: Changes made by the University of Waterloo to its server nearly destroyed the site and rendered it unaccessible for a few days. Emergency repairs have been made, but some damages, for instance to the reading-online section, remain. Major overhaul of the programming and of the web interface is planned for the following summer, which is also when new texts will in principle be added to the corpus.

May 2010: Searchable corpus now includes Book I of Super Sententiarum (ed. Borgnet, 1893).

May 2009: Image files of Jammy’s edition of the Opera omnia (1651) can now be downloaded from the website. De animalibus (ed. Stadler, 1916-1920) and Books II-IV of Super Sententiarum (ed. Borgnet, 1894) have been added to the searchable corpus.

November 2008: The website goes "officially" on line. Image files of Borgnet’s edition of the Opera omnia (1890-1899), of de Loë’s edition of Liber divisionum (1913), of Stadler’s edition of De animalibus (1916-1920), and of Meyer-Jessen’s edition of De vegetabilibus (1867) can be dowloaded. The searchable corpus includes Super Porphyrium De V universalibus (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De praedicamentis (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De sex principiis (ed. Borgnet, 1890), Liber divisionum (ed. de Loë, 1913), Peri hermeneias (ed. Borgnet, 1890), Analytica priora (ed. Borgnet, 1890), Analytica posteriora (ed. Borgnet, 1890), Topica (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De sophisticis elenchis (ed. Borgnet, 1890), Mineralia (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De nutrimento et nutribili (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De sensu et sensato (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De memoria et reminiscentia (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De intellectu et intelligibili (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De somno et vigilia (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De spiritu et respiratione (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De motibus animalium (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De iuventute et senectute (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De morte et vita (ed. Borgnet, 1890), De vegetabilibus (ed. Meyer-Jessen, 1867), Ethica (ed. Borgnet, 1891), and Politica (ed. Borgnet, 1891).

June 2008: Some beta version of the website is up.

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